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Getting Started

In the greater Los Angeles area there are many free drug rehab programs and alcohol treatment centers for people seeking help. This website is dedicated to helping people locate these free drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation resources.

Learning More

Sometimes, the first step towards recovery will require drug or alcohol detoxification. Although it can be difficult to locate free detoxification centers in Los Angeles – there are a few resources available that can help. This site will also guide you to drug and alcohol detox centers that are completely free.

Los Angeles County Rehabs that are Free

Finding Free Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Los Angeles

Locating Government, State, and County Funded Treatment Centers

There are numerous drug and alcohol treatment centers that are sponsored through the government. On a federal level, funds are distributed to states, which in turn distribute money to local county programs. In the barest sense, this means that you can attend a county funded program without having any money at all.

To locate county funded drug and alcohol treatment centers visit this SAMHSA resource:

Free Drug Rehab Resources

SAMHSA stands for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Although you usually won’t be able to speak with a counselor when contacting SAMHSA, they do offer a treatment locater tool which is provided for you above.

To utilize the drug rehab and alcohol treatment locator, simply visit the SAMHSA website and click on California. From there, simply input your zip code and a list of free Los Angeles County treatment centers will load. Then call these programs to determine what the intake criteria is for admission to the facility.

Simple Instructions:

  1. Visit the SAMHSA website.
  2. Click on your State.
  3. Type in your zip code.
  4. Call the facilities available in your area.

Insurance Based Drug Rehab, Alcohol Rehabs, Los Angeles County

Insurance Based Treatment can be Effective

There is no question that if you have insurance, the treatment you will receive is probably a little more effective then treatment offered in county funded drug and alcohol rehab centers. Types of insurance plans vary, but in general, most will cover detoxification treatment. A few of the better PPO insurance plans will also cover residential drug or alcohol treatment. The length of time that insurance will cover in residential rehab varies from plan to plan.

Los Angeles Private Drug Treatment Centers

Private Drug Rehabs are Perhaps the Most Successful

The truth is that private drug rehabs are the most successful treatment centers for alcoholism, addiction, drug abuse, and co-occurring disorders rehabilitation. This is due in large part to the methods applied in these types of rehab settings. Essentially, county funded programs rely heavily on behavior modification tactics during drug rehab. In other words, they primarily utilize group therapy and confrontation in order to assist people in recovering from addiction.

Private drug rehabs focus more on individualized care during drug rehab. This means that private programs tend to offer the one on one therapy that is often so critical for ensuring the participant will get the support they need while in rehab. One on one therapy allows the participant to not only address drug abuse and addiction problems, but the underlying issues that are contributing to substance abuse pathology. For people that have issues such as; depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar, or personality disorders, this approach is particularly successful in helping people build a solid foundation in recovery.

Tips for Enrolling in a County Funded Program

The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting into a Free Los Angeles Rehab

Los Angeles county funded, free treatment centers can be incredibly hard to get into. Here are some of the tricks to getting yourself to the top of the waiting list.

DO these:

  1. Call on your own behalf.
  2. Make your appointment. If you miss it, you’re going to the back of the line.
  3. Tell the truth about your situation.
  4. Listen to the counselor you talk to.
  5. Follow instructions precisely.
  6. In general, be polite, no matter how you are treated.

DON’T do these:

  1. Don’t call for someone else about enrollment. They won’t talk with you anyway, so don’t do it.
  2. Don’t act entitled.
  3. Don’t lie or pretend to be something you’re not.
  4. Don’t request a single bed. They don’t have any.
  5. Don’t ask what meds you will or won’t be given. Trust the process.
  6. Don’t ask how “long you have to stay.”
  7. In general, don’t ever act like a jerk.

Generally speaking, free rehab programs do a lot of filtering on the front end. There are so many people trying to get into a county bed, that one of the key ingredients county funded programs are looking for is WILLINGNESS. They don’t concern themselves with whether or not you have a court case or a severe addiction problem. They recognize that a participant must be willing in order for their type of drug rehab setting to work. So without a significant demonstration of willingness, there is virtually no way to get into a county funded program.

Again, we will stress that you should not call a free program for someone else. The person who needs treatment should make the call on their own behalf.


Toll Free: 1 877 549 4673

Free Drug Rehabs Centers Los Angeles

Getting Started

There are numerous drug rehabs in Los Angeles that are completely free. There are also private drug rehabs, but they typically cost a significant amount, or at least require insurance benefits in order for you to enroll in them. Two of the free drug rehabs are:

Learning More

When seeking a free drug rehab center in Los Angeles, CA, it is important to remember a two things:

  1. The person who needs drug rehab should be the person calling for information.
  2. You should not tell the facility what will work for you. Rather, you should ask what you can do to make it work for them.

One of the mistakes many people make looking for free drug rehabs is to come across like they are entitled to something. The truth is that approaching the enrollment process with an attitude of gratitude will certainly get you a lot farther than demanding anything. So take a deep breath and try to stay calm. Los Angeles County drug rehabs probably get over 1000 calls a day, especially during certain times of year. Try to communicate your situation rationally and be a good listener. You will probably be told that you will have to show up at a certain time and place in order to apply for admission. Be there. Don’t miss that appointment. If you do, your bed will be taken by someone who was there – and believe us, there will be someone there to take your place.

If you would like to learn about the different approaches offered during drug rehabilitation visit understanding drug treatment.

Paying Privately for Free Programs

A little bit of money goes a long way…

This section may be titled strangely, but here is what we mean. Even free drug rehabs can be payed for privately. In other words, if a program has state or county contracts, this doesn’t mean that you can’t also contribute on your own behalf. Privately paying for the full cost of a county funded facility may run you in total about $1500 per month. If you don’t have that amount – don’t worry. Just offer to put down what you can, even if that’s just a few hundred dollars. For these programs a few hundred dollars is better than nothing. So if you can put ANY amount of money towards treatment, do it. You might even get yourself to the top of the waiting list just be offering to financially contribute to your recovery.

Different Levels of Care

Inpatient, outpatient, and of course, detoxification

There are three different levels of drug and alcohol treatment available in Los Angeles county.

To learn about these levels of care simply visit the links provided. If you would like to speak with a certified counselor to complete a free treatment assessment call 1 877 549 4673 now.


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